Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

My Walk

Last week post excitement, I spent a couple of days with my Aunt. On Tuesday she was busy so I amused myself for a few hours. On my travels I met this fine fellow.

Any Food 3

He was being rather friendly and singing to me. I think he was hungry or maybe a little greedy because he could smell these

Dinner in a Box

Remembering I was hungry, I went on my way and found a nice restaurant where I had some leek and potato soup followed by Calamari. While I was eating there was an unmerciful downpour outside so I lingered over coffee until it passed.

I ventured outside with the return of the sunshine and walked a little further to get a good view of this Lighthouse.

Howth Lighthouse

This might be the boat that brought the fish ashore. I walked to the end of the pier and back. I love the smell of the sea and this harbour was always a favourite walk at any time of year when I was young.

On Thursday evenings we often bought our fish straight from the boats, sometimes going home to cook it for a late supper.

The harbour has changed and modernised but I still enjoy it.

C'est La Vie

As the banner on the boat says C’est la Vie!