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Do You travel by Bus

On Tuesday last I told you about my visit to Howth. I never mentioned how I got there. You remember I was staying with my aunt, who was collected for a long prearranged Lunch appointment. In the fuss of the moment she forgot to leave the keys to her car. My car was in the driveway and hers sat behind it. Locked!

The sunshine beckoned so I headed out on foot. Reaching the main road I spied a Bus Stop and that was when I decided on my destination. It is years since my last confession bus journey and the procedure is all new to me. “€1.70!” said the driver, as I struggled to find the coins. I held out a €2 coin. “In there! He said gruffly, pointing to a metal slot near the steering wheel. Doing as I was told, I waited for my change well that was what we were taught to do when I was young. On seeing my outstretched hand he pointed to a small sign on the side of the metal contraption – No change given or some similar words. He did give me a ticket, a receipt for my payment.

Once I sat down I studied the small piece of paper. It told me I could claim a refund of my 30 cents, Great idea I hear you say. Then I read on… The refund was available only at the Dublin Bus office in O’Connell St in Dublin. How many visitors get caught like I did? What happens to all the unclaimed money? Does it go to Charity? Does anyone know? I gave the ticket to my aunt and there is nobody better to sort it out! It is not the 30 cents I am worried about, it is the principal!

So I enjoyed my day you saw the pictures

IBA 2008 042

When I was ready for home I located a bus stop and there was someone waiting which gave me hope that my stand would not be for long. My bus waiting companion was young and male, he reminded me of Twenty and then he turned around and eyed me up and down…

I managed to get a picture

Bus Stop 1

I did as I was asked

Bus Stop 2