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Do you wash your Smalls?

Do you wash your smalls before wearing them?



I heard on BBC Radio 4 News headlines at noon that “Woman suffers anaphylactic shock from underwear she bought in Primark UK”. I checked the News links but cannot find it anywhere at the moment.

What the heck was the underwear made from. Surely she washed the items first.

I twittered about it and immediately someone came back to say she never washed new items. How many others out there think New = Clean?

When we buy new clothes they look perfect, clean and crisp but are they? They usually have some form of finishing product on them, particularly blouses and shirts to give them the crisp look. In the shop alone how many times have the items been handled. Think about it. Do you pick up clothing items to examine them? Are your hands clean. Do you try them on? Have you had a shower before going shopping or have you nipped in after a hard sweaty day in the office? How many others have done that before you. Were you/they eating on the run before entering the shop… perhaps snacking on Peanuts or other known irritant.

In the making process how many hands have touched the fabrics. Did the items fall on the floor in the workshops and was it clean. So many of our clothes come from overseas sweatshops where staff are paid a pittance. If you were paid a pittance would it encourage you to take pride in your work? Is hand washing part of the culture?

If companies are focused on profit margins will they really care about the working conditions of the manufacturers or workshops.

Now your Easter Bonnet may not take washing, but please launder the clothes that touch your skin.

Happy Easter.

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