An Afternoon Stroll

Yesterday I went for a walk. The sun was shining but being a very cold day I wrapped up well. The direction was planned before leaving home. Learning from my blogging friends I now bring my camera with me. Ok, to some of you it is a toy camera but it caters to my very amateurish needs.

Many years ago Co Antrim in Northern Ireland played a major part in the Linen Industry. Scattered across the Countryside are the skeletons of Flax and linen Mills.

Amongst the trees is an old Flax Mill, no longer used for treating flax. The major part of the building is now derelict, but work of some form takes place in smaller newer buildings at the rear.

I love the character of the place and always wonder why so many places are allowed to die and new faceless buildings erected close by. Surely with modern methods it should be possible to at least keep the shell and modernise the interior.

Further along the road is a dam, one of three that were used to wash the flax before it was then laid out in the fields to dry and bleach. This is the only dam now at the mill the others were drained and filled in years ago.

A stream runs alongside the main building and further upstream it borders private land and has been landscaped.

Shortly after taking these shots a shower of bitter hail stung my face and I returned to the warmth and comfort of home.

23 thoughts on “An Afternoon Stroll

  1. chrisb

    A lot of the old factories and warehouses around Bristol have been turned into flats!
    We had a hale storm late yesterday afternoon so you must have sent it over here!

  2. Paddy Bloggit


    Hit enter after inserting your photos …. ‘cos they are pushing outside your blog border. Try inserting text between your photos and having a new paragraph after each one.

    …. I’ll have that coffee now! Thanks …. 😉

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Chris a few buildings in Belfast have been restored to life keeping the outer shell. They have so much character when compared to the glass boxes of recent years!

    Paddy what have you done to my blog?? It was sober when I posted it! Stop all that heavy breathing over here while I try to straighten things out…..*mutter,mutter,mutter*

    Now teacher will that do? The coffee is on

  4. Nick

    Goodness, this blog is getting a bit hot and steamy. Settle down at the back there! Actually Grannymar I’ve seen quite a lot of old buildings gutted and then refitted inside – usually flats as Chris says. No doubt about it, they look much better than the brutalist monstrosities that are often put up in their place. But even worse is lovely old houses that are demolished and then replaced by half a dozen soulless identikit ‘town houses’.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Nick come in and keep us in order. I like the idea of apartments incased in old facades. There are some nice ones at Muckamore

  6. Nancy


    You are right to suppose that those old historic buildings could be modernized and used for other purposes, while still retaining their charm and architectural values.

    One example I can think of is a huge “Football” stadium in Chicago. It was a beautiful horseshoe design with huge colonnades. The columns could be seen for miles and it was beloved by the people of that city. It is called Soldier Field. It was dedicated to the “Doughboys” of WW l. It has been in continous use since that time for sporting events and concerts.

    When the stadium seating and field and underground locker rooms for the teams began to deteriorate, the city decided to build a new stadium while keeping the entire facade as it had always been.

    Work began in 2002 and when it was finished the exterior looked exactly as before except that the colonnades were opened up to permit walking through them even when the stadium itself was not in use. The new stadium was built entirely within the confines of the original design.

    The Chicago Bears football team play all of their home games at Soldier Field. It holds 61,500 people and is brand new on the inside and looks like the same beautiful building that it has always been on the outside. An engineering marvel….

  7. wisewebwoman

    A lot of the old factories in Toronto have been converted to “Condos”, GM, and are stunning, all the old brick facades inside retained as well. Very lofty, pun intended.
    Lovely pics, tho’ some are getting way too over-excited, I’m looking at you, Paddy. Are they subliminal shots of you en flagrente delicto, GM? I’m missing something for sure….

  8. Grannymar Post author


    Always wanted to live in a lofty Condo.

    I think I have Paddy worn out, he seems to be sleeping!

  9. Magpie 11

    Sounds like a great way to blow the cobwebs away!

    I’m babysitting a neighbouring family’s cats while they get their cobwebs blown away somewhere on the coast.

    I saw Soldiers’ Field when we were in Chicago for our son’s wedding …but then Chicago has amazing architecture…..seeing it in the distance at dusk I was reminded of seeing Chartres Cathedral in the distance when I was 16.

    It can be unnerving seeing the old facade of a building hanging in space whilst the innards are demolished. Here in London we have some great facades that are demolished
    almost willy nilly. But then there are the old warhouses in the Docks that are “done up” for Yuppies.

    Happy Easter to those for whom it has real meaning and have a good weekend otherwise!

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie, not being a ‘Cat’ person I am happy to leave to the babysitting. It is amazing how one building will remind us of another.

    Happy Easter to you and yours and go easy on the eggs!

  11. Baino

    If the old buildings are in good order over here, they’re generally placed under a preservation order and like Soldiers Field often rennovated on the inside but left intact on the outside. There’s an old Woollen Mill not far from me and all that’s left is the west wall . . .on the other side . . it’s a Bunnings store! Don’t worry about your little camera Grannymar it does just fine. ClareBear’s travelling with a little Pentax and her photos are fantastic. I love to see your surroundings!

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Baino & Kenju I was fortunate that the sun was shining when I headed out for the walk. The hail shower came from nowhere.
    From now on I will take the camera with me at all times.

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