Do you ever wake up and think I would love a new house? Sometimes I let my mind wander and think of all the different options there are available in today’s world.

While out for a walk I found the ideal new home.

  • Rural location
  • All on one level
  • Fully Air-conditioned
  • Small garden

What do you think?

2008-03-21 Local walk 2

The bathroom looked large and airy

2008-03-21 Local walk 24

Pity it was across the road!

23 thoughts on “Moving

  1. K8

    It’s beautiful!!! All it needs is a lick of paint and a welcome mat and you’re sorted! Apparently if you squat in a house like this for a year it becomes legally yours. Is this true?

  2. Grannymar Post author

    K8 ~ It might be a bit draughty for squatting.

    Cyber ~ They sure have!

    Chris ~ There might be a few beside the bath!

  3. Magpie 11

    How big’s the garden?

    I have a feeling we lived there as kids…or somthing like. Has it got a one holer or two holer privy?

    For those who don’t understand that…try and fins a copy of a little book called The Specialist….can’t bemember me the author.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Alice ~ it was originally a cottage for a Flax worker at the mill I featured the other day. It is still the property of the present owners.

    Magpie ~ You see the garden! Nowadays it is tucked in beside an overhead road bridge!

  5. Ian


    I think Grannymar would have to live in it for twelve years to gain possessory title (at least, that used to be the case in this jurisdiction), by which time the rest of the roof might have fallen in and the bath sprung a leak.

  6. Nancy

    Magpie asked if we knew what a one holer or two holer was.

    I sure do, because we had a two holer and my brother and I loved to watch one of our Mother’s friends go in there. As soon as the lady sat down, my brother would holler “Could you move over to the other seat, lady, I’m working down here.”

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Ian ~ I would never survive 12 years in a house with no roof.

    Nancy ~ Trust you to come up with the right story! 😆

  8. kenju

    It has the cheap kind of air conditioning, doesn’t it?! LOL

    I am getting in the mood to move, too. We have lived here for 26 years and the house is too big now and needs more maintenance than we can do – or afford to do.

  9. Baino

    In my neck of the woods it would be called a renovator’s delight with all amenities and loads of potential! In all seriousness, it would not be permitted to be demolished and would be placed under a preservation (not restoration) order for posterity! We have an old homestead very near to me Elizabeth Farm which is merely a sandstone shell. The National Trust won’t restore it but because Elizabeth Macarthur lived there briefly, it’s considered of historical importance despite its delapitated state . . .weird. I’d like to rennovate it and turn it into a pub!

  10. Grannymar Post author

    There was another row of four further up that road when I first came here with people living in them. They were demolished (houses, not the people) and two nice bungalows built in their place.

  11. steph

    Just think of the open fires you could have in that house, GM

    And all the ‘toyboys’ that would go Moo at you in your bath 😉

  12. wisewebwoman

    Looks like a great fixer upper, GM, a bit of elbow grease, a slap of paint and invitations sent out for the Open House. With your good baking on the open hearth of course. :>)

  13. Grannymar Post author

    Steph ~ I think one open fire and there would be nothing left!

    JD ~ I always fancied fixig up a property when I was younger, alas never had the opportunity. Now I don’t have the strength.

    WWW ~ You are on to something there! Have a house party for all my Toyboys and get them to bring their tools!

  14. Magpie 11

    You and your brother sound like people after my own heart. Can’t help wondering what the response was.


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