It finally happened

I should have known.

It was becoming an obsession…..

all this reading of blogs and surfing the net…

I opened yet another email and look what I found…


Whoever produced this document was very clever, so I took the advice and went in search of Toyboys

I found Two

A man, a boy, a dog and an open book on the ground. The sculpture has a central place at Junction One Outlet shopping Centre, between Antrim and Ballymena, Co Antrim. At first glance it seems very ordinary. To appreciate it fully you need to read the message in the open book on the ground.

The message in the book is as follows:

Brian Alabaster of Suffolk made this

sculpture in 2003. His son Sam, a 15 year old boy with Downs Syndrome sits reading with his Grandpa, Dickie, who is 82, Sam’s dog Billy, age 10, is at his feet.

15 thoughts on “It finally happened

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Ian I love that sculpture. It was erected when the centre opened and there is nothing to say whether it was placed there by the Council or the Owners of the Outlet Centre. I will try to find out next time I am there. The place has been extended and another sculpture added – a shapless lump of stone that I can find no meaning to.

    Now folks in order to make the top piece a little more readable I had to lose an extra photo. Sorry to diasppoint.

  2. chrisb

    How lovely. I also like art to say something ~you can keep lumps of stone and cows in formaldehyde. Oh and ‘dirty sheets and unmade bed’ that says to me ‘slattern’ and doesn’t deserve an award!

  3. Magpie 11

    Art for us all to enjoy…as it should be. I’m in awe of people who have these amazing skills and the perception to tell a story at the same time.

    Having said that, who hasn’t enjoyed the feeling of a smooth stone, rock, piece of wood or round smooth piece of bronze? (I’m now having an attack of the giggles) So Hepworth or Moore can have their place but Emin, “Sharkman” and Co can go boil IMNSHO.

    Online addictions? Genealogy…my grandmother has popped up and now I have found a gg grandfather and lots of friends and distant relies all over the world. Must get out more. Have a plant to take to a friend so cheerio!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Chris ~ A kindred spirit here, I saw enough unmade beds and dirty sheets in my young life without going to an exhibition to see them!

    Magpie ~ I remember the pleasure of finding a pebble worn to a polished finish by nature, on a wave tossed seashore. Large lumps of stone are for me, far less artistic than a three year olds effort with Play Dough.

  5. kenju

    The email is funny! I like the statue; we have some very realistic ones like that over here, and they are scattered around in parks in a way that you almost think they are real.

  6. Baino

    So it was GrannyMar, I love the Greenville Statues that JD photographs, there are a load of them it seems. This one is particularly moving though.

  7. Jefferson Davis

    I have received this email as well, but I ignored it with glee! 🙂 Fantabulous shots, Grannymar! I love that sculpture! I too love art that tells a story, which most of it does if we stop and pay attention.

    “I have a long, long way to go to catch up with his standard.” You’re going to make my head swell so big that I won’t be able to get on the plane for Dublin! Thank you very..very much. I am honoured that you like me photos. 🙂

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Baino & JD, I have a few more items in mind, so I’ll have to think and plan some days out! 😉

  9. Brian Alabaster

    Thanks for your comments, Please you liked my work, It is my Son Sam and his Grandfather Dickie, sadly now dead. It was purchased by the owners of Junction One after they saw it in my studio.
    Kind regards

  10. Grannymar

    Brian ,

    Welcome and thank you for the background information of your work. My condolence on your loss. Anytime I go to Junction I pause for a few moments to absorb the love clearly shown in this work.

    @Ian, if you wait long enough, the answer comes!


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