Daily Archives: April 2, 2008

Fundraising and fun

My Elly’s post yesterday was short and sweet. For anyone with an eye to Fundraising it is worth a glance.

Elly, as you all know was married last June. Unlike most brides she did not want the usual Bridal Photo Album. She produced her own wedding book on Blurb.com and had copies printed for family members and those playing a special part in the day. It contained photos, readings, vows, menus, table settings and a flavour of the party atmosphere later in the day. Since then she compiled a Honeymoon Book for George and I am aware of a third book that is still under wraps, so I am unable to give details at the moment. The fact that she has gone back more than once, is enough of a recommendation for me.


We have a new Asda Supermarket in our Town and yesterday I went looking for Treacle & Golden Syrup. I had to ask for help to find them, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, pun intended! The young man asked if there was anything else I needed help with, I thanked him and said “No thank you!”

“Well if you think of anything, just grab some of the staff and ask” he said.

“Literally” I asked with a twinkle in my eyes…

“Well yes, if you really want to!” He said.

Somehow I don’t think he heard of Grannymar and her reputation…. 😉