Daily Archives: April 4, 2008

A game for a quiet Day

The game of Scrabble gave me an idea, take each letter of the alphabet in turn to give you a word, and then apply that word to yourself.

A ~ Addled: occasionally, blame the pills.

B ~ Blue: is the colour of constancy, faith, friendship and dignity. I hope my friends see me as blue.

C ~ Chocolate: Must be Dark and sometimes with ginger, orange or marzipan

D ~ Drink: Coffee, black with one sugar, every time.

E ~ Essential for daily living: Easy breathing.

F ~ Fruit: My Favourites are Raspberries

G ~ Gamine: Have been called this in the past, hopefully they saw me as ‘a playfully mischievous girl or young woman’ and not ‘an urchin’!

H ~ Hypothermia: My worst fear.

I ~ Ireland: the land of my birth

J ~ June: My favourite month.

K ~ Kismet: Who knows my destiny.

L ~ Life: Is great when you are alive!

M ~ Marriage: loved it

N ~ Number of siblings: Five, four brothers and one sister.

O ~ Offspring: One – Elly

P ~ Pastime: My favourite is a walk in the country with a friend, followed by a good meal and a glass of wine.

Q ~ Quitter: NEVER!

R ~ Reason to smile: being alive.

S ~ Social drink: My drink of choice on social occasions is a Gin with either Ginger ale or Tonic Water.

T ~ Tales: The stories I like to spin on a daily basis.

U ~ Unknown fact about me: If I tell you it will not be unknown.

V ~ Things I value: Loved-ones and Friends.

W ~ Wanderlust: Holiday adventures start when my front door closes

X ~ X-rays I’ve had: My Head – it was a big empty space! 😆

Y ~ Your favourite pass-time: Who needs to ask? 😉

Z ~ Zodiac sign: Pisces and I consider myself sensitive and instinctual rather than intellectual or mechanical.


Now I need a rest!