Daily Archives: April 8, 2008

Taxi-ing about

Roy from Irish Taxi has regaled us daily with tales, good and bad, from his hours behind the wheel. Now K8 the GR8 has joined the fray. I was beginning to think that I was missing something here and finally I discovered what it was.

You see, I thought that all Taxi drivers just sat around waiting for the likes of me to phone on a whim, and ask them to take me from A to B by the shortest route and in five minutes flat. It has worked well in the past, so why should I change my mind!

Well the other day I discovered what it was all about… is it any wonder that Roy is thinking of a career change?

So this is how they spend their time

I can just see Roy and K8 tripping around the M50; it surely would clear the traffic. Just think when ‘real dancers’ take to the dance floor everyone else fades into the woodwork…

CEROC is a modern partner dance that takes moves from many other popular dances such as Ballroom, Salsa, Latin, Hip hop, Jive and Tango. The classes are aimed at people with no dance experience and two left feet. There is no need to enrol on a course, simply turn up when you can with or without a partner.

Since the early 80’s CEROC has developed its own unique style which is easy to learn and great fun. Besides this, it’s a fantastic way to keep fit and a very sociable way to spend an evening. One of the other great things about CEROC is that there’s no need to come with a partner. Our teaching method means everyone changes partners during the class.

All CEROC nights starts with a class for beginners lasting for 45 minutes. Each dance is demonstrated and then the Taxi Dancers move among and partner the ‘learners’ while repeating the moves. Then there is a short freestyle session followed by the more challenging Intermediate class which lasts for 30 minutes, then the DJ takes command of the freestyle session. This is an hour and an half of pure uninterrupted dance where you can improve your dance style and soak up the atmosphere.

Now I wonder… I don’t need a partner… Do you think there might be a few T…….

Where did I put my dancing shoes.