Thursday Special ~ Paul Newman & Ice Cream

A Michigan woman and her family were vacationing in a small New England town where Paul Newman and his family often visited. One Sunday morning, the woman got up early to take a long walk. After a brisk five-mile hike, she decided to treat herself to a double-dip chocolate ice cream cone. She hopped in the car, drove to the centre of the village, and went straight to the combination bakery/ice cream parlor.

There was only one other patron in the store…Paul Newman… sitting at the counter having a donut and coffee.

The woman’s heart skipped a beat as her eyes made contact with those famous baby-blue eyes.

The actor nodded graciously and the star struck woman smiled demurely.

Pull yourself together! She chides herself. You’re a happily married woman with three children. You’re 45 years old… not a teenager!

The clerk filled her order. She took the double-dip chocolate ice cream cone in one hand and her change in the other. Then she went out the door, avoiding even a glance in Paul Newman’s direction.

When she reached the car, she realized that she had a handful of change, but her other hand was empty.

Where’s my ice cream cone? Did I leave it in the store? Back into the shop she went, expecting to see the cone still in the clerk’s hand or in a holder on the counter or something. No ice cream cone was in sight.

With that, she happened to look over at Paul Newman.

His face broke into his familiar warm friendly grin, and he said to the woman…

“You put it in your purse.”

19 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Paul Newman & Ice Cream

  1. Magpie 11

    My father told me one like that about Bing Crosby!!!!

    I wonder which female star would have a similar effect on men?

    For me it would be that lovely lady from Four Weddings and a Funeral! Can never remember her name. Or maybe Mary Black.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Chris ~ just send Embee!

    Nelly ~ be careful next time you go to Mauds!

    Magpie ~ was it Andie Mac Dowell?

  3. steph

    You had me there, Grannymar

    Great fun ๐Ÿ˜†

    You’re dreaming of toyboys again, aren’t you?

    My hubbie once shared an almost empty (UK – IRL) flight with Paul Newman (who was heading to Barrettstown Camp) and reported back that he seemed to be a really down-to-earth, nice guy. He also commented that while his blue eyes are a real feature, his face looks very weather beaten these days.

    Sorry to step on your dreams, GM ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Steph just ’cause I’m on a diet doesn’t mean I can’t read the menu โ—

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was made in 1969. Even I look different after all those years ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. Nick

    Magpie – Which female star would have a similar effect on men? Andie MacDowell for sure. Also Julia Roberts and Liz Hurley. That probably makes me hopelessly old-fashioned!

  6. Nancy


    Your story reminded me of something that happened to a neighbor of mine a few years ago.

    We got a new neighbor and she was gorgeous and was a bit of an exhibitionist. She washed her car out in the driveway with her skimpiest bikini on and lolled around in a beach chair in her tightest shorts and lowest cut tops.

    One day my next door neighbor was leaving for work and the woman was laying in the sun in her bikini and he walked toward his car at the curb. I watched him as he pretended that he wasn’t looking at her, but out of the corner of his eye ,he was. His wife was also watching him.

    He went to his car,opened the door, got in and reached for the steering wheel. It wasn’t there! What happened to it? Nothing, he was in the BACK SEAT !

  7. Baino

    Not only a nice guy but donates heaps of cash through the proceeds of his salad dressings and spaghetti sauces. I’m a PN Balsamic Dressing fan myself!

    Nancy, that’s a classic!

  8. wisewebwoman

    Oh you devil, GM, making us all drool a bit today and not for the icecream either. Paul became my hero when he said he never fooled around on his wife as why mess with hamburger when he had the best steak at home. I took it in context as women are NOT pieces of meat and I don’t think he meant that they were……

  9. Grannymar Post author

    I like that phrase ‘why mess with hamburger when he had the best steak at home’! I have often said that if a man gets what he wants at home, there is no need to go looking for it outside!

    Of course, that works for women as well!

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