Daily Archives: April 11, 2008


The post yesterday brought my annual rates bill.

In Northern Ireland money for public services comes from a) our share of the UK’s central tax revenue and b) the contributions we make through the rates. The latter is again split into two parts, the reigonal rate and the district rate. In the year 2008/09, as in previous years the reigonal rate helps pay for services such as the health service, education and water (including sewerage). The proposed changes and addition of seperate Water rates take effect in April 2009. The District rates pay for services provided by the local councils such as leisure services, refuse collections, building control and environmental health.

With the bill were three items:

1) a booklet with information about the rate bill

2) a leaflet on how to get help for those on very low income

3) and this:-

The crest on the right is for PSNI (Police Service for Northern Ireland).

The idea is good to inform people on ways to protect their home and belongings, but I wonder how many little old ladies were unable to sleep last night?