Daily Archives: April 12, 2008

You can blame JD

Jefferson Davis is a naughty boy ‘cause he tagged me. 😉

This time his idea for the meme came from a book. “The Three Bears“, by Derec Jones.

“Bring to your consciousness those memories of the things you’ve seen and the places you’ve been over the last twenty-four hours. Now select a one-minute sequence of events and try to replay it over and over again in your mind.”

Here’s one minute in the life of Grannymar

Brrring, Brrring! Brrring, Brrring!

Off come the rubber gloves as I reach for the phone. It is twenty past one in the afternoon and my face is bursting into life as a smile stretches from ear to ear even before I say hello.

“Hi mum! The flight was on time and we have just landed at Heathrow.”

“Elly! It is wonderful to hear you and know you are back this side of the world” I say. “Did you have a good week?”

Elly goes on to give me details about her week in Arizona, in 30 seconds flat. I hear about work, her colleagues, friends and the good people I refer to as her American Family. She passes on their good wishes and tells me their news. She needs to change terminals so I let her go as she promises to call me later when she reaches home.

Elly is as effervescent as she always was, and I hope she never changes.

It is no different now to those far off days at the school gate, when my five year old little bundle of energy put her hot little hand into my frozen one, and told me at breakneck speed, all the stories and secrets of the day as she skipped along by my side on our journey home from school.

So thanks to Jeff I have had double pleasure, re-living the phone call and the sound of Elly’s voice, while remembering that hot little hand encased in mine and the close bond we have between us.