Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

I Wish

My birthday is past and Christmas is a long time away so what am I wishing for?

I am wishing for time…. not my time, but yours!

Now I know you are busy and time means money and the song tells us –

Yes, money makes the world go around, the world go around etc.

But what good is money if you kill yourself working?

What good is money if you have no one to share it with?

Alice at My Wintersong pulled up at a stop light, it was a reminder that we all need to pause and see real life or smell the roses. Then I came to my Toyboy Rowan with a similar message. It made me think…

There was nobody more hard working than my Jack. He was busy from the minute he opened his eyes in the morning until he lay down in bed at night. I had to talk to him! He was retired. It was time to take things a little easier and enjoy life. I didn’t want to look across the table some day and wonder who the strange man was. I wanted to spend time with him after all that was why we had married. We made changes, we had a day out each week, sometimes it was walking on a seashore or in woodland, chatting away to each other or at other times walking hand-in-hand enclosed in companionable silence.

I no longer have my man across the table or to hold my hand, but I do have wonderful loving memories of the time we spent TOGETHER!

I am glad we made that effort.

If you love someone, give them the most precious gift you have – TIME

As a friend of mine says ‘None of us are promised tomorrow!’ So start sharing now.

In memory of Jack who died April 1998 (not today)