Daily Archives: April 18, 2008

Testing, testing, testing…

Now take it easy, I have no intention of starting to sing and there will be no dancing at Grannymar Gables tonight. Following commiserations and advice from Brandon Turner of Microsoft FT, I am testing WLW once more to see if my updating has helped solve the problems and difficulties that I encountered.

Morning after

This is how I was feeling while the gremlins were attacking me, but hopefully it was only a one off and not a chronic condition! I much prefer to look and feel like this:

Beach Belle

I do have the Toyboys to think of…

Lunch was red

Lunch was of the sit-in variety yesterday, well I was in the kitchen and although the sun was shining on the front garden, there was a gale blowing at the back of the house. Having survived the winter without coughs, colds or splutters (says I knocking on wood) I didn’t want to tempt fate and end up with something I’d never be rid of.

I let my mind wander and it travelled around Europe. Travelling like this is less hassle as there is no packing, queuing, flying, driving or getting on trains. Since I was there before I knew my way around and had no fear of being lost. I remember having my Passport stamped at several borders that now no longer exist. Some place names have changed and of course the money is easier nowadays. Was it Belgium that we had to be careful changing money because you were unable to exchange any leftovers when leaving the country?

I was supposed to pop into Turkey one year, but they had yellow fever so our plans were quickly changed. I still have some ground to cover, the Northern Lights are calling much louder than the hot spots further south.

I wondered how a map would look if I coloured it in, that was before I read this so red is the colour of my true love’s hair are the places I’ve visited.

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What does your map look like?