A flash from my Past

Yesterday I tried to answer a few questions. With one of my answers I gave away a snippet from my past. Mention was made of the good old days of Radio Luxembourg. The DJ who joined us for Christmas 1971 in Wiesbaden was Bob Stewart. The stories he told certainly made us laugh and the time passed in a flash. Alas, he had to leave us early on Boxing Day to drive back and open up the Station at 6pm. A tuck box was filled with tasty goodies and there was a special request for some of my Christmas pudding. (I plan to include it for a Food Monday in the autumn.)

In the picture above is Bob Stewart on the left with Mark Wesley and Peter Powell. I think it is from around 1977. The one below of Bob is how I like to remember him.

So what were we listening to all those years ago?

Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West, Sung by Benny Hill was the No.1 for several weeksaround that Christmas.

Top Twenty August 1 1965, the year I left school.

1. Help! Beatles (Parlophone)

2. You’ve got your troubles Fortunes (Decca)

3. We gotta get out of this place Animals (Columbia)

4. Mr. Tambourine man Byrds (CBS)

5. Catches if you can Dave Clark Five (Columbia)

6. Tossing and turning Ivy League (Piccadilly)

7. There but for fortune Joan Baez (Fontana)

8. Heart full of soul Yardbirds (Columbia)

9. With these hands Tom Jones (Decca)

10. Wooly Bully Sam the Sham (MGM)

11. In the middle of nowhere Dusty Springfield (Philips)

12. Summer nights Marian Faithfull (Decca)

13. Everyone’s gone to the moon Jonathan King (Decca)

14. He’s got no love Searchers (Decca)

16. Zorba’s dance Marcello Minerbi (Durium)

17. A walk in the black forest Horst Jankowski (Mercury)

18. Too many rivers Brenda Lee (Brunswick)

19. Say you’re my girl Roy Orbison (London)

20. I’m alive Hollies (Parlophone)

Weekend Chart New Musical Express (Saturday, July 31, 1965).

And almost a year later:

Top Twenty from Sunday June 26 1966.

1. Paperback Writer Beatles (Parlophone)

2. Strangers In The Night Frank Sinatra (Reprise)

3. Monday, Monday Mama’s and Papa’s (RCA)

4. Sunny Afternoon Kinks (Pye)

5. Don’t Answer Me Cilla Black (Parlophone)

6. River Deep-Mountain High Ike and Tina Turner (London)

7. Nobody Needs Your Love Gene Pitney (Statesite)

8. When A Man Loves A Woman Percy Sledge (Atlantic)

9. Promises Ken Dodd (Columbia)

10. Sorrow Merseys (Fontana)

11. Paint It Black Rolling Stones (Decca)

12. Don’t Bring Me Down Animals (Decca)

13. Over Under Sideways Down Yardbirds (Columbia)

14. Hideaway Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich (Fontana)

15. Wild Thing Troggs (Fontana)

16. Sloop John B Beach Boys (Capitol)

17. It’s A Man’s World James Brown (Pye Int.)

18. Get Away Georgie Fame (Columbia)

19. Bus Stop Hollies (Parlophone)

20. Lana Roy Orbison (London)

New Musical Express (Wednesday, June 22, 1966).

So how many of these do you remember?

22 thoughts on “A flash from my Past

  1. steph

    My eldest brother was a huge Beatles fan so I got a brilliant intro to pop music.

    I’m afraid my first teenage crush was on The Monkees (gross!). I remember idolising their poster on the back of my bedroom door. I guess the television series must have been responsible ‘cos they hadn’t much else going for them.

    Hey Hey, we’re the Monkees!


    For me, Freddie Mercury will always be the No.1 performer!

    GM – I never heard of wooing men with Christmas Pud before. You’ll have the Toyboys queuing up next autumn 😉

  2. 5h4mr0(k

    Some great songs in there, especially the ’66 ones. If you put in the top 20 from last week I don’t think that I’d recognise too many entries in it! 🙁

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Steph, 5h4mr0(k & Anthony

    I too remember the old numbers but have no idea what is No.1 at the moment.

  4. Magpie 11

    Last term at school….A Levels and still miserable about … and I remeber everyn one of the 1965 ones..but you can keep Lennon and co

    13 in 1966….had been working for a large Chemical Company for several months and no chance to listen really!

    Didn’t they have good tunes in those days? 😉

  5. Paddy Bloggit

    I recognise a fair few of them …. but probably know a lot more of them. I love all types of music but I’m not great on names/artists.

    What about the hit by Clive Dunn (Corporal Jones – Dad’s Army ) …. called ‘Grandad’ ….. wonder if Head Ramles should have that as his theme tune!?


    So where did Bob Stewart end up Grannymar?

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Darragh & Elly ~ recognising or hearing of is allowed.

    Magpie ~ There were a few I found hard to recall.

    Paddy ~ Not sure when the Clive Dunn song was.
    Bob spent some time in the US and had Cancer of the Larynx. As far as I know he is back in England with his wife and son.

  7. Baino

    Gawd, I remember them all . . I’d like to think because many are still played on commercial stations that play hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

    I’m with Steph. Embarrassingly the first rock concert I ever went to was the Monkees in Festival Hall in Melbourne, I was about 12 and spent the entire concert standing on my seat screaming. Not because I was excited but everyone else was doing it so seemed to be appropriate. Thankfully, I’m not so swayed by peer pressure these days!

    And Freddie WAS king!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    I remember dancing along in the middle of the road, on the way to get the last bus home and singing a parody of ‘Strangers in the Night’!

  9. Gary

    When I read that 1966 list I can hear all of those songs, and I’m 10 years old and sat on the beach at Scarborough listening to them 🙂

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Paddy ~ I would have said off hand that ‘Grandad’ was later than 1970, where has the time gone?

    Gary ~ I can just imagine you on the beach.

  11. Ian

    Went to see the Monkees in 1997 – do you know, they looked thirty years older than the did in the TV series – disappointing that.

    On the other hand, Roger Daltrey last year looked no older than he did in videos from 1979 and The Who had hits in 1965 and 1966.

    (Could not stand Freddie Mercury!)

    Going to see The Boss next month

  12. Ian


    you could probably write a poem that would be hailed as a work of genius comparable to Joyce’s Ulysses if you wrote single lines of 100 pop songs one after another!

  13. Alice

    Not nearly as many as I’d like to, but now that first one mentioned: Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West. I never heard that one at all. Could you maybe make a podcast and let us (me) hear it? Pretty please. I love the title, so the song has to be a winner!

  14. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    Because I’m 62 in July and I graduated high school in 64…I remember all those tunes…so well…wonderful walking down memory lane. I still believe those were the good old days..sneakers, socks, poodle skirts and button sweaters that we wore backwards..we thought we were so kool….

    Thanks for reminding me….

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram


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