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Island in the Sun

Paddy Bloggit has presented me with this Desert Island


Now we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch…

Well with my island comes a list of instructions

Given a list of categories, choose one item for each.

In addition a person to accompany you must be chosen and 3 other items.

This is the ‘list’:

A CD: Under Milk Wood – BBC(1963) full-cast drama of Dylan Thomas’ poetic play for voices starring Richard Burton.

A book: Notebook (and pencil* because a notebook is not much good without something to write with).

An item of technology: A Laptop with mobile broadband

A Film: DVD of the Original Forsythe Saga by John Galsworthy Produced by BBC

A Game: A skipping rope to make up my own games

An item of clothing: A kaftan & large Sunhat (I need protection from the sun).

A Photograph: Jack & Elly

Who would I take with me? Richard Clayderman – with a Piano.

Three other items I would take:

A wind up radio

My sewing box (well I could sew leaves together to make a fabric)

A hammock

* Thanks to Bernie “topgold” Goldbach

What and who would you take onto your desert island?

Sleepy Sundays

Some days the words are tired!

Maxine will say it all.

buy drinks first

Note to self: Add case of Booze to the shopping list!

Max - boobs

I tried walking on my hands for an hour a day but it made no difference!


Now that’s scary!