Blog Awards the Novel!

No! I am not writing a book or dishing the dirt on what happened on the couch with Twenty! We had witnesses and if I pay them enough they will say nuttin, right Conn? Steph?

I can report that there is an new addition to my family. The family of Toyboys that is. Another fine young man he is too. We met on that wonderful night of glitz & glam 1st March. He was so bowled over by me the enthusiasm of the bloggers that he raced home to take part in the fray. The result is AJ@Lecraic

Now Alan fell so deeply in love that night he wanted a permanent reminder, and the result of his labours can be found here:

It is an online book about the awards with a page for each of the winners. Alan wrote to all 21 of us, but you know how it is, people are busy and put things on the long finger. So this is called 1st edition and hopefully those winners unable to find their page can get in touch with Alan and the page will be added.

If you are feeling lazy Grandad has it on his site so you can flick through the pages quickly.

5 thoughts on “Blog Awards the Novel!

  1. le craic

    Thanks for the link Grannymar. It must have been someone who looked like me at the awards because I was only reading about and didn’t actually get to them myself. But then, you do have a lot of toyboys to keep track of, I’d just have been another face in the crowd vying for your attention 🙂

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Alan ~ Don’t tell everyone I was having a senior moment. It’s bad for my image 😉

    Steph ~ Nuttin!


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