Daily Archives: April 29, 2008


Emoh Ruo was a name plate I saw regularly as a child. Being slow at the reading I thought it might be a foreign language. By the time It dawned on me that it was Our Home backwards, I was to big to to admit it to anyone. Mind you I though it was still a stupid name for a house.

This came to mind while chatting to Will the other day. Our conversation travelled through a myriad of topics and how we came to house names I have no idea. We wondered if a name had any effect on the atmosphere within or attitude of the residents. Will ‘Wotton Hatch’ be less prickly than ‘Holly House’, or ‘Sunflower Cottage’ be more soothing than Mere View’?

Does your house have a name and did you pick it? If yes, do you use it? Is it of the ‘Salerne’ variety – a mixture of Sally & Ernie?

Now for a little game:

Name this house.


Estate Agent sees my house

This is how the Estate Agent might see my house.


My Buyer sees my house

How a buyer sees my house.


The Tax Man sees my house

How the Tax Man sees my house.



Ok, I know the name of this one, but do you?