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Food Monday ~ The Best Chocolate Truffles

This being the Birthday week of someone very special, I allowed her to suggest the recipe of the week. The young lady came back to me with an ‘either or’ reply. Now we have already had the ‘or’ – Hugh’s Peanut Biscuits, so today you get the ‘either’!

I would normally use this recipe at Christmas time, but Birthdays are for celebrating and 30 is a Landmark year, so why not have Truffles.

The Best Chocolate Truffles

200g good quality Dark Chocolate
Cocoa Powder
200g Double or Whipping Cream
small amount Unsalted Butter (optional, butter gives the truffles a longer shelf life)
Chocolate to coat the Truffles

Finely chop your chocolate to achieve an even melting. Try and make the pieces the same size. If you are only making a small quantity, the finer the chocolate is chopped up the better as this will help to bring it up to room temperature. Cut your unsalted butter into small hazelnut sized pieces and again bring it up to room temperature. But do not allow the butter to melt.
Warm your mixing bowl it should feel hand hot.
Heat your whipping or double cream gently until just boiling. Immediately drizzle a quarter of the cream into the centre of your chocolate. Mix the cream into the chocolate to make the ganache, add more cream a little at a time, gradually working outwards as the mixture develops just like making mayonnaise.
Blend in your softened butter to the warm mixture. You should aim to achieve the consistency of mayonnaise to ensure a perfect result.
Cool your mixture overnight in a cool airy room.
Form your desired truffle shape.
Dip into melted chocolate if you want to keep the truffles for more than two days and finally roll in cocoa powder. Or simply roll in cocoa powder and eat…