Daily Archives: May 8, 2008

Sorry Darling!

Alistair Darling The Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK has been barred from every pub in Kendal, Cumbria since he increased the cost of a pint by 4 pence in his latest budget.

No drinking sign

According to a BBC report:

Last month an Edinburgh bar was credited with inspiring an internet campaign aimed at barring the chancellor from every pub in Britain.

Drinkers at the Utopia bar in Easter Road were angered when the MP for Edinburgh South West increased duty on a pint of beer by 4p and raised spirits duty by 55p a bottle.

They spread their message via blogs and a Facebook group.

It set me thinking…. Would these tactics work on certain Ministers in Ireland…. The Blogging world is a Powerful place. A new National Anthem is needed. How about basing it on

DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING from Les Miserables.