Daily Archives: May 10, 2008

Survival Mark 2

Well my Dears, I had a test of survival last night! The power went off at 8.30pm. I checked the trip switch in the garage and then heard neighbours opening garage doors so I knew I was not the only one affected. The Electricity Board informed me that the break in service was due to vandalism and it might be midnight before it was restored. Some young bucks were letting off fire crackers earlier, they actually sounded like gun shots! One hit the local electricity sub-station for our estate so we were all left in the proverbial dark. Looking out the back windows the rest of the town was all brightly lit.

My computer went black just as I was answering an email and thinking of a post for today. I unplugged and checked that candles and lighters were where they should be. Fortunately I keep a plentiful supply of candles; I often light one for friends who are going through difficult or stressful times. I light the candle and think of the person or people for a few moments while looking at the flame and then let it sit and burn for the day, checking at intervals that it is still alight and trim the wick

Thankfully it was still bright and warm at 8.30pm, so there was no need for heating or lights. I went to check on elderly neighbours one of whom had been discharged from hospital in the afternoon. Not being happy with their candles (the tall narrow variety, easy to knock over) I came home for some sturdy night-light holders and night-lights, thanks to Elly and IKEA, and my spare lighter. They are so much safer for unsteady hands.

I went to my bed early leaving one light switch and the bedside radio on. I listened to the radio on my mobile phone for a short while and soon drifted off to sleep. The radio and light woke me at 1.30am. I made a warm drink and checked the house to make sure that everything was in order. Snuggling down once more I slept until 4am. That’s a good night sleep for me, although I never get up at that time. I allow the body to doze as I listen to the radio and occasionally I SLEEP as I did this morning, waking at 8.30 with a thick fog wrapped around my brain. It is clearing….I hope!

Normal service will resume tomorrow.