Am I ready for a Photo walk?

A little more colour from yesterday.

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 074

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 075

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 076

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 077

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 080

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 082A

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 091

2008-05-20 Ballyclare May Fair 092

My FinePix A330 worked hard yesterday so I must recharge my batteries and those of the camera.

21 thoughts on “Am I ready for a Photo walk?

  1. Baino

    First I thought ooh shiny things, then yum sweetie things then OMG what’s in that soup! You can’t be serious! Dear Grannymar . . never put that recipe on your blog . . stuffed olives and sardines . . .I’m gonna bring up me brekkie!

  2. Grannymar

    Baino 😆

    These are a few extra pictures from the earlier post about my day at the Fair.

    The fishy dishes were on the olive stall.

  3. Nancy


    I am with Baino all the way on this one. That Olive soup or whatever it is, is disgusting!!!!!

    I’m going to lose not only my brekkie,but my lunchee and dinnee as well……

    Baino, Let’s open a can of Campbells soup and call it a day.

  4. Grannymar


    I knew when I was taking that one it would be a conversation piece!

    But, but I wanted to give you all a flavour of the fair! 🙄

  5. Grannymar

    So Grannymar may not have the IT factor……..

    But OMG, I sure have the UGH factor. 😆

    I wonder if that is what Elly meant when she told me they had YUCK for school dinners, no wonder she wanted packed lunch.

    Roy ~ I am a point and click photographer. I have the camera since ’05 and Tuesday was the first time I filled the card in one go. (Whisper I posted most of them in the recycle bin, but we will not tell anyone!)

    Sinead ~ The hat stall looked colourful and I like hats, but the belt/leather one was dull in comparison.

  6. Will Knott

    You are so ready for a photowalk. I know (via Phil Iced Coffee) that there a a few in your neck of the woods.

    And rolled herrings aren’t that bad. But you may not want to do that as a Monday recipe.

  7. Grannymar Post author


    If it stays dry and the energy is ok I might join the Toyboys on Saturday for a short while.

    Eyeball soup as Steph called it is definitely a NO-NO for Food Mondays!

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  9. Phil

    You are definitely ready! Come along on Sat, it would be lovely to meet you. And I hear there is a market at the city hall grounds over the wkend.

  10. Grannymar

    I go away for a quiet day (chasing Toyboys) and I come home to find homework. 😥

    Sinead ~ I will try it tomorrow when I am fresh and wide awake… I promise.

    Phil ~ the market is three times bigger and better than the Ballyclare one, more space, more stalls and more people. I walked through it today.

    Will ~ thanks for the link and your kind words.

  11. Phil

    Well this is Belfast! The market is always great and im so glad it’s about so often.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  12. Will Knott

    GM you’re welcome. I think the secret is to take too many, and then weed out the bad ones.
    Once upon a time, with chemical cameras, the shots were precious, because the costs of developing them were expensive.

    Now, click, click, delete, click. and mine the shots for the gems.


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