Daily Archives: May 24, 2008

I went to Town

Yesterday I went to town. No, not my town but all the way to Belfast. It was a nice day and there were plenty of people about.

It started off like this:

Then this:

But I got restless and went in search of

Then I found a nice one and hi-jacked him into buying me a coffee. After some sweet talking I  took him for a ride drive. We nearly got lost because I took the wrong way went the picturesque route and we ended up here

But I couldn’t resist so I made him

After that there was only one thing for it…

But we got

Jefferson Davis it was an honour to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Enjoy the remainder of your holiday and safe journey home to South Carolina.

With thanks to the man from Peru who offered to take this picture.

One for Sinéad

I do my best to keep promises and this is a trial to see if I can embed photos that everyone can enlarge by clicking on them.

Sinéad wants a Hat so fingers crossed XXXXXXX

We also had

Dulse and Yellow Man

Dulse is dried seaweed…. I think! Yellow man in Honeycomb.

Now I have news for you…. but I am very busy today and recovering from chasing a Toyboy yesterday, so it will have to keep until later ❗