Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

Moving on

With each day the knees creak a little more, the hip aches and I am now unable to run for a bus. The fact that buses seldom come my way is beside the point. I still drive and the car is my lifeline. What would I do if I had no car ❓ It is a topic that to date I have avoided like the plague.

It made me think…. I might find a pair of

Nowadays there are so many contraptions to aid with mobility, I might upgrade to this

I could always call a Taxi…

Mind you if the state of the office is anything like the driving, I might walk.

What am I worried about, sure I have a Son-in-Law and he is a good driver with a nice car. But oh dear!…

Now that will never do so I must dig a little deeper….

Now you are talking. That was just made for me!