Food Monday ~ Cold Beetroot Soup

Cold Beetroot Soup
Serves 4-6

12ozs Beetroot cooked
5 fluid ounces Soured Cream
1 pint Chicken Stock

Put the beetroot and half the soured cream in a food processor and blend until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and stir in the chicken stock. Chill well. Pour into individual bowls and stir in the remaining soured cream.

8 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Cold Beetroot Soup

  1. Nancy

    What could be easier? I’ll tell you what! My Chicken Gumbo Soup, that’s what.

    Here’s the recipe..Take one can of Campbell’s Chicken Soup and one can of Campbell’s Gumbo Soup and mix together… Heat and serve…..

    I made this “Secret” recipe for my family for years and nobody caught on…….

  2. Baino

    Yum perfect for summer, a creamy Borsh. I once made strawberry soup in much the same way . . .interesting start to a dinner party!

  3. Jo

    My mother used to make a lovely Borsch(t?). My daugher eats nothing, and I think it’s normal, but then I think, no, I ate beetroot soup happily when I was her age!

    Cold is another matter though – and I hope there was no chicken stock in the strawberry soup!


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