Daily Archives: June 15, 2008


Sorry Ian and Paddy my collections are not much good to you.

We all have items in groups so I decided to have a look at mine.

I had a few buttons in my sewing box when I moved into this house. Over the years I have added to it with spare buttons supplied with new garments and others removed from clothing before sending it for scrap. If I was to sit with the button box it would bring to mind several outfits from the past.

Clothes Pegs of different designs and colours, each well used to keep my washing of different thicknesses on the line.

These Caran D’Ache pencils have been about for years. I used them while taking a design element of a City & Guilds Course in Creative Embroidery many years ago.

A few more items from the pencil case!

Some of the books I collected and used for inspiration in the three years I worked for the C&G course.

A page of needles in my needle case. The old faithful has gone on for many years and is looking the worse for wear. If you look carefully you will notice that several are bent from wear. I wonder if I am related to Yuri Geller?

This Carousel works hard for a living, it sits close to my cooker and contains all the gadgets I use on a regular basis.

This collection I spotted over a wall while out walking the other day and it gave me the inspiration for the post. The owner must shop at Tesco because she has pegs like mine! I hope she didn’t see me take the photo of her undies.