Just Do It

So you want to know what I did.

I attended

I did, and it was fun!

Andy puts us on the list!

Apart from the Tekkie Presentations I learned….

The story of Good Coffee 😀

How to shave 🙄 by

How to improve my life

Conference Essentials: Water, Internet, Coffee, Electricity,Signs and I will add Loos.

How Mogulus.com works the system used by Richard Jolly to Live Stream the events of the day.

Phil & Davy check the light

Phil & Davy check the light.

I had the chance to network (did I get that right?) with new people and made new friends, now I have new Blogs to follow.

In the afternoon Darragh Doyle and I led a conversation on Blogging:

What it’s about, how you should (and shouldn’t), how to enjoy it, sharing your stories, selling your brand and ideas, building your audience. Using blogs and social networking together, for your benefit

Quotes from the day:

I really enjoyed your conversation technique. I wouldn’t have said anything otherwise… ~ Phil O’Kane to Darragh.

Barcamp Belfast was great fun yesterday, the event, the presentation, but most of all almost everyone engaging at the event is what made it ~ Davy Mc

Andy, Phil and others put tremendous effort into the preparation for and all during the day. I know that we attendees appreciated their efforts. Many thanks

I came home with booty:

My Booty

A new T-shirt (Elly have we swapped lives?), a laptop bag, badges and money!

Thanks Andy for the bag it will be put to good use. I found the four ‘AU’ badges and the penny inside one of the pockets, no tenners I promise! I will keep them until the next photo walk.

Darragh I will wear my ‘Hugged’ badge with pride.

P.S. Darragh suggests that all the Toyboys who received ‘A Grannymar Toyboy’ badge should have a photo taken wearing it and post it on their blog and link to me… That boy has some funny ideas 😉 I still have a few to pass on.

I look forward to the next BarCamp and hope to see you there.

18 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Darren

    Sounds like a great weekend – sorry I couldn’t make it.

    I wonder if you look as good as Elly did last week in her FireFox t-shirt?

    Great idea on the badges – they’re all a lot of fun and are a nice way to spread the good word. 🙂 I’m proud to be a Grannymar Toyboy!

  2. steph

    Just do it?

    Do what, Grannymar?

    You didn’t… did you? 🙄

    (And she’s got the ‘Hugged’ badge to prove it folks!)

  3. Grannymar

    Ellen ~ Like Will says: Bring them along and start them early! Someone might do a hands on for children! Area not covered yet…. Are you listening Organisers? 😀

    Darren ~ You missed a great day.

    Steph ~ Don’t be letting out my secrets 🙄

    Phil ~ Don’t let Steph hear you, she will be jealous 😉

    Will ~ Great idea. Badges were a hit, thank you for the idea and for producing them.

    Judy ~ It was a great day!

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  5. Tracy

    It was great to meet you too Grannymar! Excellent blog – though your recipes are making me feel peckish for elevenses…

    Looking forward to next year’s already. 🙂

    Happy toyboy gathering!


  6. David McDonald

    Delighted to meet you on Saturday, the whole Barcamp day was great fun all right, but, as usual, too short to chat with everyone you’d like to. Still now I can catch up with a lot of you on Twitter.

    You just can’t have enough Twits in the world!

    I like the idea of Flickr group for the Official badged Toyboys, will have to set my portrait up for that 😉

  7. Grannymar

    Davy Mc

    Welcome on board! I loved you spiel on shaving, it brought back memories of my childhood, watching my father and later my brothers come to terms with ‘the razor’! I did have an uncle who used cut-throat, when he came to stay we lined up in the bathroom to watch the performance… it would take an hour at least, but that had something to do with the stories he told!

    I was reminded recently by my aunt, an early widow that I taught her sons, my cousins to shave! The younger one turns 50 today…. That makes me feel old 🙁

  8. Andy

    Alongside the badges and penny, you may find some crumbs and dust, best get the hoover attachments out!

    Thanks again for coming Marie, I really enjoyed the discussion on blogging – and of course the many hugs & pecks on the cheek I received. Toyboy & proud!

  9. Darragh

    Look at you, with all your toyboys. I’m going to claim I was one of the first to get the badge off you personally 🙂 Not many more who can get that honour, eh?


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  11. stwidgie

    Not wanting to seem ignorant, I decided to read up on BarCamp before asking if it was intensive training for publicans or baristas. BarCampBelfast sounds really fun!

    So then I went looking for BarCamps near me. There’s one in Chicago in just a couple of weeks, I know right where that is, but, oh, it seems to be about banking. Bleah. I struggle to take an interest in personal finance, and without my husband’s patient answers to my whiny questions, I would be in poor shape. Not the one for me.

    But there are a couple in Wisconsin. They seem intimidatingly programmer-oriented, but there are some glimmers (a photowalk – yay!). We shall see.

    Wish there were one listed in Ireland during our visit this fall for the Oireachtas. That’d be neat.

    Glad you had fun, GM!

  12. Grannymar


    BarCamps in Ireland are very relaxed affairs. They cover a wide range of topics, loosely based around the world of technology. Suggestions for topics and speakers are welcome. Skills & ideas are shared in talks that run from 10 to 30 minutes.

    The sessions continue throughout the day with several rooms in action at the same time. Refreshment breaks allow time for networking and further discussion. Very often the day finishes with most of the attendees adjourning to a hostelry to refresh the vocal cords and have a meal.


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