Daily Archives: July 12, 2008

If I’m not in…

If I am not in, I can’t win!

You can’t have an election with only one candidate so I am throwing my cap in the ring.

Word has reached me that Krishna De is putting herself forward for the race to The White House. Now I think she needs some healthy competition. Off with the gloves and down to business. The time has come to see what my Toyboys are made off.

Steph, as my Manager you need to organise the campaign. If only we had Paddy Bloggit to sort out the policies it would be a doddle.

Darragh is proving to be fickle and with Mr Sneezy he seems to have jumped the gate. Darren has gone in search of Oxegen 08.

Rally round now, remember there are still some badges to be earned. Rick where are you when I need you.