Rest day

Today was a rest day and I did enjoy it.

Dry, with a little sunshine and plenty of fresh air.

So from this

I have managed to produce this:

Back tomorrow with a foodie!

13 thoughts on “Rest day

  1. Baino

    Haha glad someone else had a lazy Sunday . . see, cropping and fiddling can give you a whole new picture! Who’d have thought the crown of a thistle could look so good!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    @Baino – A lazy day was badly needed.

    @Steph – you can have my weeds anytime!

  3. K8

    Wasn’t today’s weather spectacular?! Bray seafront was packed… people of all shapes and sizes brought their kites and picnic-baskets and ice-cream money for a lovely day on the strand. AND the fair is under construction, the ferris-wheel and rollercoaster are almost set up, the cranes had me awestruck like a little kid! So lucky to be working during Bray Summerfest – wooo! Can’t wait. I hope the weather isn’t too rotten.

  4. Grannymar Post author


    I think you had better weather than we did today, but it was fine and we did see some sun.

  5. Mike

    Friday was like winter on the beach….only the hardy folk swam -all 6 of us. Yesterday there was sunshine and for a minute I thought I was in the wrong country
    We have a seal for company now GM. He pops up in front of you when your least expecting it still thats better that the jelly fish

  6. Magpie 11

    Amazing what can be done…. It looks great.

    Carluccio says that if you peel off the spiky parts they taste very good…I think I’ll pass.

    Here we had a good day and I met some new people doing clearance work in a local wood…good physical labour that leaves a nice tired feeling and a sun burned bald patch!

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Thanks Magpie

    I think I would like to watch someone try the thistle heads before I would do so. Are they the same family as Artichokes? They look like miniature versions.

  8. Magpie 11

    I think so…certainly Compositae!

    You know how thistle’s got their name…..
    While wandering bare foot in the Garden of Eden ( and bare everything else if some are to be believed) and hand in hand with Eve, Adam stepped on something with vicious sppikes and excleaimed, ” Careful Eve, Thistle prick you!”

  9. Magpie 11

    The only thing my father left me…a series of terrible wonderfully jokes and an equally terrible sense of humour.

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