Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

What’s a Wordle

First Robin Blandord came up with the idea to run his CV through Wordle.net to see what it would look like as a tag cloud. The idea snowballed and was taken up by Ellybabes, Sinéad Cochrane, Will and Paul Browne. They were all very different.

My CV is rather dog eared and dusty at this stage and I would waste valuable time searching for it. I teased Will about running my blog through instead of a CV. The next thing I know he has it done and emailed to me.

Now I was not very sure that I liked the result… am I constantly referring to a Ferrari? The words used most frequently appear in large type. Now my regular readers do you notice anything…… ❓

I don’t doubt the work of my Toyboy Will, but I thought I would have another shot at it myself.

I changed the layout and the colours.

Again do you notice anything….?

The clue is in the top right hand corner, about three or four words down… look how small it is!

And you all think I am obscessed with a word beginning with T……