Daily Archives: July 18, 2008

Would You Believe it…

Police were called to a Quiet residential area when sleep was disturbed with loud noise for a third night in a row. A young man was seen banging on the door of Grannymar Gables at 2a.m. There was no trace of this young man at all the next day.

“The noise was very loud and frightening” said a weary elderly neighbour.

“That lady is usually very quiet. In fact sedate is how I would describe her.” said another.

“Well she comes from the South. She is one of them!” an elderly gentleman was heard to mutter.

Grannymar was unavailable for comment. She is believed to be in hiding!

So what is going on, I hear you ask. Now don’t all faint together, make a cup of tea and sure have a Choccie biscuit or three, just for the shock, you know. When you eat Choccie biscuits for shock, calories don’t count

Now are you ready? George take Elly out of the room, this might upset her!

It all started on Sunday. You might remember I was having a Rest Day. After many hours vegetating outdoors I felt refreshed enough to prepare a blog post for the next day. It was midnight as I battened down the hatches, set the alarm and hit the hay. Feeling relaxed I drifted off to sleep quite quickly with the BBC World Service droning softly in the background.

Suddenly I was awake and realised that the noise that woke me was not all down to ‘Sailing By’ the tune played every night as a lead in to the Fishing Weather Forecast. This sound was everywhere. Inside and outside the house – it was the Burglar Alarm! I was asleep for less than an hour. Out of the bed I hopped like a sprinter heading for the control panel, switching on lights in each room as I passed. The control panel told me that the garage was the source of concern.

I am unable to access the garage from inside my house and not wanting to venture outside in my nightwear I opened the blinds to see if anyone was about. The garage seemed secure so I reset the alarm and went back to bed. Although all was quiet I found it difficult to drop off to sleep once more. I dosed and woke repeatedly until around 6a.m. when I gave in and went to make breakfast. Later I checked the garage and the door was still locked. I turned the key and raised the door. My car was still there and everything seemed in order. No trapped birds or neighbours cats had slipped past me as I put the car away. No sign of any little mice anywhere, they are more usual in wintertime, drawn in by the heat from the central heating boiler.

My day passed as normal on Monday and soon it was time for the nightly routine of switching off, unplugging, locking up and switching on the alarm. All seemed in order and I was soon tucked up nice and warm. Sleep came easily – the sign of an easy conscience my father often told us.

Once more just an hour after settling down, my sleep was interrupted by the alarm. I shot out of the bed to discover once again that the problem was with the garage. I opened my front door and look about. There was no sign of intruders so I made a warm drink and took it back to bed with me. Sleep was rather elusive and I counted more sheep than we have in Co Antrim!

Breakfast over on Tuesday morning I opened the garage and removed the car. I looked everywhere and still found no culprit. Tasks for the day soon took over and I forgot about the lack of sleep. By bedtime I was really tired and promised myself a lie-in in the morning.

I became aware of the voices on the radio and there was dreadful interference in the background. Did I knock the control button and move it off the station? Wait now that was not interference it was the alarm yet AGAIN!

Jumping up once more I became aware of a banging on my front door. This time there was a man’s shape at the door. I called hello and went to switch off the offending alarm. It was a young neighbour who had moved back into the newly renovated bungalow with his wife and young children across the way from me. Apparently the alarm had been going for some time and I had slept through it. They were not sure if I was at home or gone to visit Elly.

The wife called the police fearing that I might be ill and they would need to gain entry. Assuring the young man that I was ok, I returned to bed without the alarm. They called the police to cancel their call out and say I was fine.

I sat back in bed and cried!

It was the first time in years that anybody came to my door to see if I was alright or needed help. I welcome back my new neighbours with open arms.

On Wednesday I gutted the garage and all I found were SPIDERS! I declared war on them. No matter how fast they ran I still got them. My garage is now so clean it only lacks the smell of polish.

I called the company that installed the system and they said the PIR in the garage was so sensitive that a spider walking across it was enough to trigger it off. That is both good and bad. Good in that nothing will get past it, but bad in that I now must dust the garage on a more regular basis.