Daily Archives: July 26, 2008

Black Watch

Red Mum gave me something to ponder on. It was the Great Colour Challenge. Now I am still a fledgling behind the camera but I wanted to take part.

So far most of the rainbow has been covered:

Red Mum’scollection.
Nathalie’s pink collection.

Darren’s green collection.

Estelle’s blue/bleu collection.

Annie’s yellow collection.

Not to be daunted I went out with the camera the other day and wanted to find inspiration not based on the above colours. It may have had something to do with my mood, because I had the idea of using Black. Ok, ok I realise black is not strictly a colour, it is a neutral. Everywhere I looked and everything I saw was covered by the colours ranges above. I came home without a picture.

So today in desperation not to be outdone, I went back over the photos I have already taken. Keeping to the black theme I give you:

Victoria’s handmaiden at Belfast City Hall

A Gateway in Carrickfergus

Another day another gate.

Black Hat

Shoe cleaning

My sky at night