Food Monday ~ Tea Brack

Tea Brack
Preheat oven to170°C

¾ pint cold Tea
7 ozs Brown Sugar
12 ozs sultanas
2ozs nuts
10 ozs Plain Flour
1 tsp Mixed Spice
1 Egg
2 Tablespoons whiskey (optional)

Steep the fruit, nuts and sugar in the tea overnight.Sieve the flour add the mixed spice.Beat the egg.Stir the flour, egg and whiskey into the fruit and mix well. Pour into a 7 inch greased tin.Bake in a preheated oven for 1¾ hour’s approx.Test if a clean skewer comes out clean then the Brack is cooked.Cool in tin on wire rack.

Keep for 2-3 days before cutting.

7 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Tea Brack

  1. Nancy

    Good Morning, Grannymar,

    About your Tea Brack recipe. I just looked it up and the recipe I saw said that you were supposed to bake several items inside the Brack. Like a coin or a cloth or a pea or even a thimble or button or matchstick…..

    What is that all about?

    Today is what you would call a Bank Holiday over here . It’s called Labor Day and honors all the workers .Last day of our traditional Summer. Positively last day for white shoes!

    All really important stuff like that.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Hi Nancy,

    Enjoy Labour Day!

    It is a tradition to have a ‘brack’ at Halloween and for that occasion little items, covered in greaseproof paper, are placed into the unbaked mixture before putting it in the oven. In Ireland we always had a ‘Gold Ring’ (a curtain ring) in the brack. The person who picked the slice with the ring was supposed to be the next one to be married!

  3. steph

    I LOVE tea brack, GM

    My recipe has no whiskey in it so I’ll definitely give your one a whirl.

    I remember as a child, my mother used to put lots of a threepenny pieces into the brack for our Halloween party but I don’t suppose that would be allowed these days…

    Health & Safety 🙁

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Baino it is a little like a sweet fruity bread.
    Everyone except me (I am odd!) puts lashings of butter on it!

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