Daily Archives: September 5, 2008

Friday Filler

  • How you feel: Content
  • To Your Left: Speckled Hen*
  • On Your Mind: Tasks that need to be completed
  • Last Meal Included: Muesli In Orange Juice, side plate of dried Fruit and nuts, a mountain of pills and a kettle full of boiled water.
  • You Sometimes Find It Hard To: Get Started
  • The Weather: Depressing for most of this year.
  • Something You Have a Collection of: Toyboys.
  • A Smell That Cheers You Up: Bacon Grilling.
  • A Smell That Can Ruin Your Mood: Slurry.
  • The Current State of Your Hair: Healthy.
  • The Largest Item on Your Desk/Workspace Right Now (Besides Computer): Camera
  • Skill with Chopsticks: None.
  • Something You’re Craving: Chocolate.
  • How Many Times You’ve Been Hospitalized This Year: Thankfully none.
  • A Favourite Place to Go For Quiet Time: Home.
  • You’ve Always Secretly Thought You’d Be Good at: Building a kit car.
  • Something That Freaks You Out A Little: Very loud noises.
  • Something You’ve Eaten Too Much Of Lately: Chocolate.
  • You Have Never: Flown A Plane.
  • Never Want To: Lose My Marbles.

Meet Speckled hen: