Food Monday ~ Elly’s Peanut Soup

Autumn is upon us once more and with the change of temperature my hunger pangs increase calling for more filling foods. Soups appear on my lunchtime menu with more regularity. Today’s offering is a little unusual. It comes from Elly’s days at University. When the recipe was given to me I had a wry little smile, my young lady was turning into my mother! 😉 Mammy, as you all know by now NEVER measured anything when cooking. It was a handful of this or a pinch of that, somehow it worked for her every time.

I love the last line 😀

Elly’s Peanut Soup

Make a basic soup from carrots, onion, potato and 1 parsnip (no more that one as the flavour is too strong). Use stock made from a chicken or stock cubes for ease. Blend down and return to pan. Add half a jar of smooth peanut butter for a small batch for 4-5 bowls or a bigger jar for more – remember to melt peanut butter briefly on low in the microwave so it will mix in easily. Add cream if desired to taste. Don’t salt and pepper it too much when making it. Add chicken pieces if desired. Serve with crusty bread.

Real easy – just make it up as you go along

11 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Elly’s Peanut Soup

  1. Nancy


    You’ve reminded me of something my Mother used to do . That is, every Saturday for years she made Peanut Butter Fudge. The only trouble was, my Mom was a terrible cook and not once did that fudge ever turn out right.

    One Saturday it would be soupy and we would eat it with a spoon and the next week you needed a jack hammer to break off a piece.

    But, while she was not a great cook, she was tenacious and an attempt was made every week but the consistency of that Peanut Butter fudge was never achieved. But, we made great fun of it and always pretended that it was the best fudge in the world.

  2. Grannymar

    @Ellen – Enjoy

    @Nancy – That reminds me of the first time I made toffee with my friend. When it was ready we poured it onto a plate to set! 🙄
    That is one way to get rid of plates.

  3. Magpie 11

    I might leave out the peanut butter or substitute with Hazelnut butter…or even almond butter (yes you can get them)

    Agree about the last line: It is the sign of a true “bucket cook”!

  4. stwidgie

    It sounds like Mafe, a peanut-butter based stew my French boyfriend used to make. He learned it when he lived in Paris and shared an apartment with other students including someone from Senegal or Mali. I’ve been meaning to give it a try. It was honestly the only time I heard of a French person going anywhere near peanut butter. For us, of course, it was a staple growing up. Sandwiches, cookies, on a spoon, on your finger if no one was looking…

  5. Grannymar Post author


    As children we always found ‘peanut butter and jelly sandwiches’ amusing. To us jelly was your jello and we put jam on our bread.

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