Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

Shopping for food

Man woman cannot live by bread alone. This woman would become very bored if I had to. With this thought in my mind and a cupboard emptying faster than water in a colander I made a list on Monday and prepared to deal with the chore of shopping. Thankfully I have four large Supermarkets to the north, south, east and west of me all almost equidistant giving me the option of a choice of scenery for the journey.

Monday dawned bright and dry so I decided to go to Carrickfergus for the shopping, taking one way there and returning by another route. On my approach as the road dropped down towards Carrick, Belfast Lough glistened. “The shopping could wait another hour” I thought. I headed for the car park at the harbour and took the camera for a walk.

I noticed this boat looking folorn and neglected. It was a sorry sight. Even I was more upright after a night in the pub following CreativeCamp on Saturday. I moved a little closer to get a better angle.

A gentleman saw me clicking away and told me the boat was going for scrap on Tuesday. He said it was called the Walpaul and had been filmed many years ago as part of some programme for RTE Television. Now how true this fact was I have no idea. Perhaps some of you can tell me.

As I approached it Two men were busy draining oil from the boat. Perhaps this was the reason why it lay at such an angle.

I love this last shot of the peeling paint. It would make a great starting point for a Creative Needlework design.

Surrounded with water and boats my mind turned to ‘old salts’, when into view came Captain Birdseye and I couldn’t resist…

Meet Norman! With a gentle squeeze and a great big smile I headed off to do my shopping.