Daily Archives: September 12, 2008

Knickers for Rick!

I can’t go! 😥

I wish I could.

Alexia is plotting and planning.

Our very own Rick will DJ set next Thursday night at the SoundCheck indie club night in Spy on South William Street. It is not somewhere I frequent but as the saying goes there is always a first time!

As there’ll probably be a gaggle of bloggers going to the club to throw their knickers at him….

Do ladies do that sort of thing these days 😕

how about we all meet beforehand to formulate plans

Well I can’t be there and since Global warming is with us for sure,

I thought I would let you have these…..

There’s colour in my life

What a difference a day makes few minutes make.

19.04 hrs

You saw this skyline by day with the men working on the camera. The last time I had a shot of the sun setting it was way off to the right of this photo.

19.06 hrs

I just kept clicking and picked the best.

19.08 hrs

They were all taken last night.

19.12 hrs

And then the phone rang…

19.23 hrs

The last one was taken with the phone in one hand and the camera in the other.