Daily Archives: September 14, 2008

Tell me a story

Tell me a story,

Tell me a story,

Tell me a story & I’ll get out of bed.

I promised you, I said I would

I’ll tell you the story if you are good.

I’ll tell you the story before I go back to bed.

About a month ago I went to Dublin and was almost drowned in the flood.

I told you all about it here.

I even had a photo:

You heard all about the lunch…

A group of bloggers, dishing the dirt gossiping stuffing our faces sharing some tasty food and a bottle of wine or three while chatting about the blog world. No sin there you would think.

Now there was something I didn’t tell you….

We sweet ladies were gathered together to take part in an Irish Times Photoshoot for Lady Bloggers. The text of the article is available online but there are no photos available in the online version.

This photo by Brenda Fitzsimons appeared over two pages and I did my best to piece it together. So apologies to Brenda and to you all, but it will give you an idea of what the day was all about.

Thankfully we were all looking very respectable and ladylike. I wonder what they did with the other shots? Do you think they might be used to blackmail me? 🙄

Darling Toyboy Darragh, has a written very nicely about it here with pixtures!