Places I don’t want to get stuck:

  • Looking for money in a hurry.
  • In a public toilet with automatic doors that insist on opening and closing all the time.
  • In an elevator during a power cut
  • In an aircraft when the engines fail, and my wings are at home on the kitchen table!
  • On a sinking ship when I can’t swim.
  • Sitting in a chair along the wall of a Day room accompanied by fellow inmates, as the TV flickers and blares, only watched by empty chairs and the smell of yesterdays cabbage assaults my nostrils.
  • Standing up in a hammock in a gale force wind.

9 thoughts on “Places I don’t want to get stuck:

  1. Phil

    never carry cash, remember your wings, learn to fly, don’t get landed with inmates, dont stand up in a hammock. i like lifts so i wouldn’t avoid that one.

  2. raptureponies

    When I was about 10, I got stuck in a lift, with two strangers on a car ferry! I had honestly thought the lift had shot out the bottom of the boat and I was going to drown.

    The public toilet sounds worse though… 🙂

  3. Grannymar

    @Phil – We had one of those loos in our town square. The draught from the cars flying past caused the doors to open at the most inappropriate times! 😆 I NEVER used it.

    @Niamh – I will try to remember. 🙄

    @raptureponies – I did get stuck in a lift once, with a fine young engineer and an old biddy of ninety who decided she should be our chaperone!

  4. Baino

    You pay for public toilets? Getting stuck in the lift with doors that open and close . .happened to me this week. Don’t start me on flying . .I hate it but it’s a necessary evil because I love travelling.

  5. Nick

    I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a bank in the middle of a robbery. It almost happened to me last year when I went into the Woolwich (as was) to find they’d just been robbed and the staff were in a state of shock. What would I do if some geezers in balaclavas locked me in the back room and told me to keep quiet while they raided the safe? Nothing foolhardy, that’s for sure. Just hope it wouldn’t last too long and wish I’d had something to eat before I came out….

  6. Grannymar Post author


    I won’t go into a bank if the money van is parked outside. Silly I suppose, but I want to stay in one piece.


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