Daily Archives: September 20, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Sorting through my ever mounting collection of photographs I came across a folder called ‘Walks’. It was dated 2005 and became an exercise in stretching. Stretching my legs, my energy levels and stretching my eye behind the camera lense. At that stage a digital camera was still rather new to me and I enjoyed clicking away knowing that at the end of the day it was possible to hit delete if they were a total disaster.

This group of pictures were all taken in Crawfordsburn Country Park in Co Down. It was the month of March. I had decided that trees were to be my focus for the morning.

Taking the camera for a walk was a wonderful idea to get me moving. I would decide to go as far as a certain point in the distance before turning, yet when I reached it, there was always another carrot a little further on.

This last one is my favourite from that day.

Enjoy my walk!

UPDATE: I just realised the date – 2 years ago today I was pushed over a cliff never to return.  20th September 2006 was the day I started blogging.

Thanks Elly for all the fun you introduced me to.