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European Heritage Open Days 2008 – Part Two

Day two of the European Heritage Open Days (EHOD) on 14th September took me back to Carrickfergus to check out a couple of places I only viewed from the outside in the past.

Carrickfergus Museum was my first port of call. Since the place was modern, all exhibits were behind glass and the lighting not conducive to taking photographs, I managed only one image that I was pleased with.

The item had little to do with the history of the town.

It is a Valentine Card. The sections of paper like fine tissue all fold into each other until only one heart shape remains. Because of the poor light it was impossible to read either the text on the card or the notes almost at floor level inside the glass case with the back story to the card. Now if only I had a valentine to make a card like this for…..

The street signs outside on the walls were a little unusual!

Or this one beside a gate:

Alas the wall here looked as if it was recently rebuilt and the gate was modern looking through to a courtyard or garden beside modern Council offices.

I will return to the subject of EHOD later in the week with a more interesting find from last Sunday.