Daily Archives: October 2, 2008

Thurday Special with Maxine

I am only home from my weekend (that turned into a week) with Elly & George. I spent the evening unpacking, sorting and generally getting things back to normal. The phone went into overdrive with people checking up to see if I was dead! All these folk who never thought to call or phone when I was sitting all here week on end alone – Awwww! They chose to phone, call or push notes through my door when I was away. I was even woken from my dreams before 7.30 this morning with a phonecall!

Resigned to the fact that I would sleep no more I got out of my warm pit and as soon as my feet touched the floor there was silence. Not a sound, no radio, no gentle whine from electrical appliances and the phone was dead. In other words I had no power and no breakfast.

Well now that is sorted.

I have no story for you today so I am depending on Maxine for help and I hope you notice she is in the Pink!

Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow!

Credit: The Pink for October image above is by Lee Caglioti