I promised to try and learn a new technique for October in support of Breast Awareness Month.

Calm down now! I am not about to do a striptease right here on the blog. My shrivelled walnuts would send the Toyboys running in the opposite direction faster than the speed of sound.

I want to let Will know that I listen and read what he says. So today I unveil my very first attempt at Creating Spot Colour.


I met Muriel and Dixie Dean in Tesco one day many months ago and immediately the pink tissue around the flowers caught my eye. I approached them and told them about the idea of Pink for October and they were willing to pose for me. I hope they like my effort.

So tell me what do you think? Honestly!

32 thoughts on “Wa-laa!

  1. Magpie 11

    An interesting idea…..How do ya do it? What software?

    Can you make the monochrome a bit more contrasty? Sort of blacker blacks? Intensify the pink? I didn’t see it straight away.

    Dixie Dean? That’s a famous name even for me, a non Soccer fan. Not the same one tho’.

  2. tina

    i love this photo! i like the way she stands and they’re both clearly looking at something on the shelf. i love photos of every day situations like this. you could write a whole story around this picture.

    i think maybe the pink could be a little bit pinker, to my eyes it’s more light purple (but i’m starting to think my eyes aren’t good with colours because, for example, i think tiffany boxes are minty green, not blue as they claim)
    and agree with magpie, that the black and white could be a tiny bit more contrasty. did you do it by desaturating or with the channel mixer thing? i know very little about photoshop but i learned use the channel mixer recently and that definitely makes better black and whites.

  3. Grannymar

    @Magpie – Photoshop is the quick answer.

    @Tina – Hello and welcome. I am a novice to the colour change thing. Real raw recruit and this is seriously my kindergarden attempt. I certainly have plenty to learn and with the nights drawing in, a new project ahead of me to keep me engrossed.

    I need to play about with it more and learn as I go.

  4. Nancy


    I think the picture is wonderful! The pink paper around the flowers shows up very nicely on my screen while everything else is black and white.

    Now for something equally important. Did you find out where the party was that they were obviously planning?

    In their “Trolley” they have,besides the flowers, bottles of beer, packs of chips, bottles of liquor and they look like they are trying to decide what other types of alcohol they will need to make their soiree a huge success.

    I wish I knew this couple. I have a feeling we could be good friends……

  5. Grannymar


    I am floundering here!

    I think I need to start again with the original photo, this one and the next stage when I work it out.

    We need a talk & demo about it at the next Bar/Pod/Creative/Camp. Are you listening Phil, Will, Claire & Redmum?

  6. Grannymar


    You slipped in there like a partygoer looking for the secret booze stash! 🙄

    Muriel and Dixie were just a normal couple shopping and pushing a trolley and I asked for the photo. They agreed. I gave them my Moo card and hopefully they will visit the blog and leave a comment.

    Maybe Nancy, they will have a party to celebrate!

  7. steph

    @ Nancy 😆


    I’m real impressed. You get full marks for effort!

    Your French spelling however, is woeful 🙄

    I’d like to know how you made ‘Creating Spot Colour’ go PINK?

  8. Grannymar

    @Steph – Thanks! Will I need to have French lessons? 🙄 The secret to how I made ‘Creating Spot Colour’ go PINK was… I coloured it in ‘Word’ and then copied and pasted it! Is that allowed?

    @Suz – Welcome to this crazy house! Picnik is a new one to me! I have spent the last 15 mins trying to repeat what I did last night and it is looking different! I need to keep trying to perfect this art.

    @Paddy – Do you know how to do this?

  9. Grannymar


    I tried my hardest but the colour was difficult, pink was not actually on the list.

    I think I need a Toyboy to lead me by the hand through this process properly.

  10. Darlene

    I would love to know how to do spot colors, but first I need to find out how to put an article I copied in a box. Then I need to find out how to put a video on mu blog. Bloggin’ is hurtin’ my noggin’.

  11. Grannymar


    I need more experience before I can give lessons! I am trying to remember what I did last night to achieve this effect last night. I have moves 1 & 2 but the next bit is tricky. My Photoshop is different to the one I am learning from!

  12. K8

    I think Muriel is one of the most impressive posers I’ve ever seen. She really puts her heart and soul into it 😉 I have to have a go of this!! Well found and well snapped Grannymar!!

  13. Grannymar


    I loved the original photo and Muriel and Dixie were so willing to pose it was so easy. All I did was point and shoot!

    If you find an easy way to do it let me know, please!

  14. K8

    Do you have Adobe?

    If you don’t I’ve no idea 🙂

    If you do…

    1. When you’ve opened the picture, you can make the pink parts slightly pinker by going to IMAGE -> ADJUSTMENTS -> COLOUR BALANCE, and mucking around with the redness.

    2. Press CTRL + J when you’re happy with the pinkness, this copies the image from the background. You’ll see a new layer appear on the menu at the bottom right hand corner that looks identical to the first.

    3. With the copied layer selected, press SHIFT + CTRL + U. This should turn the image into black and white (desaturate).

    4. Use the ‘ Magnetic Lasso’ tool to select the area you’d like to pinkify. Letting go of the mouse periodically and re-clicking it gives you better control of the magnetism! It’s a bit tricky.

    5. Once you have the area selected, use the ‘Eraser’ tool to colour the area back to the original pink.

    and… Robert’s your father’s brother 🙂

  15. Grannymar

    Thanks K8, I have Adobe.

    I was playing about with it, but your instructions sound clear. I will give it a try tomorrow when the head is fresh.

    Always wanted an uncle Robert! 😉

  16. Magpie11

    I just had a closer look at the subjects…they seem to be looking at the Port Shelf. Now when it comes to Port I do know a thing or two.

    However, I’m still looking for the girl that I’m supposed to have in everyone.

  17. Grannymar Post author



    I wonder if I dribbled a little on the photo would it turn out the right colour?

  18. Grannymar Post author


    Your first comment came by the scenic route – spam folder. Don’t understand why that happened. At least you arrived directly the second time.

    Thanks for the notes!

  19. nuttycow

    What a great first effort – I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos (there are going to be others, right?)

  20. Grannymar

    Welcome nutty, come join the fun!

    Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t know either, and I think this was beginners luck! I had another go at ‘My Sunday entertainment’, but to me it was a disaster. I will certainly not give and perhaps by the end of p4oi I might know what I am doing

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