I’m all for the Electric Chair

Now hold on a minute! I never said anything about killing folk. That is not in my nature. I am talking about health here and keeping everything soft and supple.

A chair that does all this:

  • Real massage chair mechanism
  • Shiatsu and Rolling massage: 4 independent rollers travel up and down back
  • Targeted relief of any back area
  • 6 programs: full, lower or upper back in either massage style
  • Spot Shiatsu massage: massage action just where you need it!
  • Adjustable roller width to comfortably fit your body
  • Vivid LED illuminates massage mechanism

I saw one of these last week and just had to try it. It was wonderful. Elly was with me and of course she had to have a go as well. It was good that there were two chairs in operation at the time because I was not about to stand and watch her have all the fun!

Apparently I was moaning and groaning with pleasure! My daughter kept telling me to be quiet. In fact the words she used were ” Mammy, please! Anyone would think you were having sex!” What a thing for a young lady to say to her dear old mother! Chance would be a fine thing! 🙄

Well you know what’s coming…

“Well, it is the nearest thing to sex that I have had in a long time” says I.

There was only one solution for it. I bought one and took it home. I have it here on my chair by the computer and twice a day when I need to think and rest I sit back and switch it on.

Pure heaven.

Just like a Toyboy dancing up and down my back!

Is it any wonder I have a smile on my face. 😀

A penny for your thoughts...