Daily Archives: October 16, 2008

I am not around the bend.

No. Really!

I am not around the bend.

A drop of chardy has not touched my lips….. Yet!

I am in a party mood and I have a cake.

Well it is not exactly for YOU, it is for the Party People.

I am not talking politics either; it is not that kind of party. This is a virtual party for 100 years of Birthdays….

There will be no Royal telegram, because the 100 birthdays are shared! Today on the 16th October, two of my faithful long time commenter’s have reason to celebrate. The celebrations stretch across the globe.

A young lady will be out of the bed and at the stretching exercises even before we have hit the hay the night before. It is all very complicated. You see the young lady lives way down under where they are 10 hours ahead. The young man is this side of cyberspace and I am not sure what time he will surface.

Steph and I have everything ready and this little tipple is purely to check the temperature of the wine! 🙄

If you are good I will let you see the cake.


Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake

The cake serves16 and since this is a virtual party, things go further; so I was wondering….

Baino & Ian which 16 people (each) would you like to share a slice of your cake?

You can tell us here or on your own blogs, it is after all your party!


As a little bonus for Ian we have

Now you will have to serenade the Birthday Girl!

Credits: I have to admit the recipe is not my own I found it here.

The decorating was tastefully done by Robin (You may take your apron off now!) talented son of my Manager, who instead of helping was busy licking the bowl! 😉