Party Games

Another of my attempts for p4oi.

Now I know that some of you will be Partying over the Hallowe’en weekend. Early planning makes for a good party.

So how about this for a little diversion and amusement:

Not sure I would try it to cook the dinner!

30 thoughts on “Party Games

  1. Baino

    Good God what’s a mobile phone doing to your brain! Then we rarely listen to four at once! Fortunately, mine’s a receiver. Gets used once a day “Mum, I won’t be home for dinner” or “Mum me and Amy are home for dinner” That’s it!

  2. Magpie11

    I’ve been trying to work out how this was done.If you try I suggest you use microwaveable popcorn.

    IIRC microwave ovens work by making the water molecules in the food vibrate thus creating the heat. Of course our bodies are 70% water.

    My mobile has been turned off since before last Christmas and is only switched on very, very rarely any way.

    Reminds me of the story of the RAF personnel who would go and stand in front of the RADAR antennae before a hot date!

  3. Nancy


    I once made a Thanksgiving Turkey using this mobile phone method.

    Well, that holiday came and went and the turkey still wasn’t done, so I decided to shoot for Christmas.

    It was close but I made it. The turkey was done on Christmas Eve but my mobile phone bill was $5,498.43.

    I’m back using my regular oven now……

  4. steph


    Nancy is such a hoot!

    I’m hoping she might have another party game for us to play instead?

    Com’on Nancy! I’m desperate for an excuse to play ‘puter instead of cleaning my house! 😀

  5. Grannymar Post author


    Have you not got those chores done yet! No play for you my girl until all is finished and checked! :mrgreen:

  6. Magpie11

    Sorry to scare you GM…..I have seen diagrams (in New Scientist) of how far into the brains of children and adults the radiation from a mobile phone can penetrate……

    Ah! Well..I couldn’t find anything about it being a hoax …but the story about the RAF came from my yoof!

    I still do not like the things… I don’t like the idea of being reachable at any time and any where.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    @Darlene – We could use the phones to bake spuds! What do you think? 😉

    @Steph – The sucky sweets are sooo yesterday! 😆

    @Magpie – My mobile seems to be for Elly to keep tabs on me! 🙄

  8. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    Grannymar, I was just told about this at dinner a few nights ago, and I thought it was not true. Wow, are we killing ourselves or what? This is so scary I’m convinced our government knows this stuff and ignores it because of the lobbyists and all the money they donate to their campaigns. The little person certainly doesn’t hold much hope do they..

    Dorothy from grammology

  9. C'est La Craic

    The video of the popcorn was proven to be a fake in France, however research made by a British team into wi-fi technology when it was intreoduced to all british schools, camee up with some worrying results. They took a measure of the microwave radiation emmitted from a mobile phone mast, at 100 metres, in direct alignement, then they went to a school and took another measurement of microwave radiation just in front of a students computer at the level of his head. The result was three times higher. Remember, a childs skull is much thinner then that of an adult.
    The technology used in modern microwave technology such as mobiles and wi-fi, is essentailly based on microwave oven technology from the sixties, technology that was subsequently changed after the ovens were found to be leaking microwave radiation. But guess what, you’re mobile or your computer isn’t an oven so apparently it doen’t count anymore. Luckily we have big business looking out for us. It’s kind of like flouride in the water.

  10. Grannymar

    C’est La Craic

    Welcome on board. I have often wondered about modern homes with all the technological equiptment either in use or on standby… it is frightening!

  11. C'est La Craic

    I think what frightens, or angers, me most is the fact that it’s not a secret. Even if the average Joe Soap doesn’t know about, it’s well known and recognised within the indusries concerned, and in ministerial circles. So why do they do it anyway ? Is it just greed or, if you were of a more cynical disposition, an active effort to keep us ill, confused and afraid.
    Taking again the example of flouride (sorry, it’s a kind of battle drum for me). The first scientific experiments on this subject were done by the nazis in the death camps. They found that it kept the population calmer and more docile. Innumerable studies have shown the connections between this toxic waste, a by-product of aluminium production, and cancers, brain tumers as well as osteopetrosis. So why is Ireland the only country in Europe to flouridate it water supply, when it has already been banned or excluded from other counties’ water supply ? Why is Ireland the only country in the world where the mass medication of the population is enforced by the law ?
    And to all those who would say “but it helps strengthen your teeth” I would say, it will take you no more then half an hour with google to find the research necessary to disprove this theory, and second, read the ingredients on a packet of rat poison !
    Phew, rant over. Anyway thaks for the welcome 🙂

  12. Magpie 11

    As a music Fiend who has a reasonable quality Hi Fi set up I have been aware for years of all the EMR polution in the world around us and that my music sounds better in the early hours of the morning.Your electrical wiring acts as a huge ariel.


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