Daily Archives: October 26, 2008

The times they are a changing

The clock went back an hour in the we small hours of the morning and once more we face shorter days with dark mornings and evenings. This change was heralded in by a blustery wet and grey day yesterday. We seem to have had a long dreary time for the past eighteen months with little sign of any summer weather.

In years past the weather never bothered me. I wrapped up and headed off at the drop of a hat to whatever took my fancy. Now however I notice a subtle change. As the day becomes monochrome my body goes cold and I begin to shiver. Going into my bedroom for any reason at this stage of the day is not a good idea. I could so easily jump into bed and pull the clothes over my head and stay there until spring. Instead I switch on the lights, turn up the music and draw the blinds. Doing the latter makes me more comfortable and it also prevents heat loss.

Something else I do with great regularity is change the desktop scene on my monitor. A happy photo of Elly giggling always brings joy to my soul. Sometimes I use a photo that I have taken while out walking or driving or a new family shot sent to me by email.

So today, as this fellow flies away

My screen changes to this: