Daily Archives: November 4, 2008

While the cat is away…

This mouse will play…

Missus Elly is away sunning herself working in Arizona, or maybe she went to organise the count! I think there is some kind of election going on over across the pond! 😉 There is nobody like my darling for organising the world. I think this election was given more air space on this side of the pond than the Late Queen Mother’s death!

Do you want to know what I am up to now…..?

First up I had a comment on the blog. Then there were emails back and forth. Tuesday afternoon there were phone calls backwards and forward… and now…?

Well to make the short story long, I have packed my drawers, toothbrush and comb and am hi-tailing it to Dublin!

The Girls want to pick my brains a little chat. Now you know me; I am all on for a chat and sharing my little tricks and tips.

So if you are hanging round with nothing better to do why not come and join us!

3pm Wednesday 5th November www.rte.ie/theafternoonshow

Diamonds are…

Diamonds are forever, or so the song tells us.

Alas, my real ones were stolen a few years back

and now I have God’s diamonds:

The sun shone after a snow shower on 28th of October and I managed to capture the droplets as they clung to the plant.

Meanwhile at the back on the same day

We do get the sun in spots!