Diamonds are…

Diamonds are forever, or so the song tells us.

Alas, my real ones were stolen a few years back

and now I have God’s diamonds:

The sun shone after a snow shower on 28th of October and I managed to capture the droplets as they clung to the plant.

Meanwhile at the back on the same day

We do get the sun in spots!

6 thoughts on “Diamonds are…

  1. Darlene

    Wow! The rain drops clinging to the stems of the plant are beautiful. I enlarged your photos and am really impressed with your skill. Do you have a wide angle lens? Capturing the whole scene of the second pic was fantastic.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    @Darlene – I have a FinePix A500, it does what I need.

    @Magpie – I wondered if they would show up.

    @Baino – Thanks! 😀

  3. steph

    “All things bright and beautiful,
    all creatures great and small,
    all things wise and wonderful:
    the Lord God made them all.

    The purple-headed mountains,
    the river running by,
    the sunset and the morning
    that brightens up the sky.

    All things bright and beautiful… ”

    Oops!… sorry Grannymar…

    I got carried away singing!

    We had a Thanksgiving Festival ‘sing along’ at the nursing home today and your pics today brought back the words of this lovely hymn.

    “The cold wind in the winter,
    the pleasant summer sun,
    the ripe fruits in the garden:
    He made them every one….”

    My lower lip is still quivering over your real diamonds 🙁


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