Daily Archives: November 7, 2008

I have a Date!!!!

The first Belfast Girl Geek Dinner is being held in Ten Square on Friday 7th November at 7.30pm.

Girl Geek Dinners were started in London in 2005 by Sarah Blow with the idea of getting together with other females involved or interested in technology. Always held in a pub, bar or restaurant and usually have a speaker or chosen topics. In the last few years they have spread throughout the world with regular events throughout Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.

Since we Geek Girls are an inclusive lot we do allow the boys attend. They need an invitation and NO Gate-crashing. Grannymar will be there with a Toyboy on her arm. ❗ So if your name is on the list I’ll see you later, if not you are missing out on a wonderful night of great chatter, food, fun & laughter.

So Baino go check it out! If there are none in your area why not be the first to organise it in Sydney?

If my luck is in I might have a Toyboy to keep me company for the weekend! 🙄

Posting may be light for a day or two. I will get back to normal by Monday…. I hope!

Be good and I might have a picture or three to share after the weekend. 😉